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bdchatlogoBDCHAT is a free Bangladeshi chat network for general audience. We started back in  1997 from university dorm room with few friends. After 10 eventful years, our family has grown bigger reaching all over the world touching millions of Bangladeshis. If you want to meet new people or just to kill your time as well as making new friends far across the globe, come right in our chat room. Be yourself, do whatever, share your knowledge, know your culture. Remember, we are open 24 hours, 7 days a week!

We have launched our new website after a long due. This new website is an attempt to introduce faces of Bangladesh to our young audience. If you have questions or comments, join our bdchat forum.

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BDCHAT launched Bangladesh Community Forum

Thanks for joining BDCHAT, after 10 years of success; we are now in forum to provide you most long lasting impression on the net. Here you can share your views and words of wisdom with known/unknown people with similar interests from far across the globe. If you don’t know what to do, just say HI or browse to reply others. We aimed to deliver positive messages to the society in the process of being entertaining as well as educational. Share your real life stories or sorrows so that we can learn from yours. Talk about your laptop, pc hardware that needs support or needs upgrade, others can help you chose the right one. Or you can just download ringtone or wallpaper or theme for your cell phones. Review whats latest in dell or toshiba or sony's widescreen lcd, electronic items etc or just post your creative pictures.

BDCHAT gave deshi comfort on the net to millions of Bangladeshis since 1997 and still giving same quality services. When you come to our chat room, you will find different age group starting from school kids to university lecturer to housewife to travelling businessman or just a pack of friends from different parts of the world creating a live social network on the net.

Lets make the forum the biggest Bangla Forum on the net. You come as a guest and stay as our family, a bigger, larger Bangladeshi family on the net.

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Steps to Follow

  1. Click www.bdchat.com/forum
  2. When you are bdchat forum page, click on Register from top navigation link of the page
  • Register with a suitable nick
  • After successful registration, simply login with your id and password
  • Dont forget to bookmark the forum page


If you are finding this hard to use, you can always ask for more assistance in our help room. Login from our java chat and go to our help room or ask any operators for more info.

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